Language is a Treasure Trove! That is What the Project is About

What is the purpose of the Test of Higher Order Language project?

The purpose of the project is to develop, refine, and test items for a test of higher order language also known as figurative language.

Our aim is to create a reliable assessment tool that can tell us how early and in what age children start to learn different forms of higher order or figurative language. We are also interested in understanding how they are different in their abilities to understand and use figurative language. When developed, we expect that the test of higher order language will help us identify children who have difficulties or impairment in this area of language development. Researchers, teachers, and educators can then create age appropriate activities for children and youth who have a higher order language impairment and find ways to support them as early as possible.

Example: Mother showing a heart to her baby on her chest "You are mommy's heart!"

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